California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program: North Coast

The North Coast Collaborative Fisheries Research Team

Part of the statewide California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program, we work with charter captains, recreational anglers, and volunteers to monitor fish populations in and near Marine Protected Areas along the Northern California Coast.

Volunteer anglers join us on day-long sampling trips where we target Rockfishes, Lingcod, Cabezon, and other species found along the reefs of the North Coast.

Depending on funding, we operate out of the ports of Fort Bragg, Shelter Cove, Eureka and Crescent City. We are always looking for new volunteers and charter boats to work with!

2017 Sampling is complete!

Stay tuned for news about the 2018 season, data summaries for the season, and more! Follow us at for the most up to date news on our work.



For general information and to volunteer (note: this address is checked infrequently in the off season, September-April)

For interested fishing industry collaborators

Jay Staton, Project Technician

Principal Investigators

Dr. Tim Mulligan, Professor, Dept. of Fisheries Biology

Dr. Joe Tyburczy, California Sea Grant Extension