Director's Welcome

The Telonicher Marine Lab is Cal Poly Humboldt’s premier marine facility and is located 14 miles north of the Humboldt main campus in the seaside town of Trinidad, CA. The lab, on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is where Cal Poly Humboldt students take courses in marine sciences and engage in marine research with faculty. We provide a base of field operations for several marine science degree programs, such as Biological Sciences, Fisheries Biology and Oceanography, and host the research programs of numerous world class faculty. Our proximity to numerous habitats from open ocean, rocky shores, sandy beaches, and estuarine habitats, as well as numerous coastal rivers, allows for unfettered access to a huge diversity of marine habitats.

Our mission is to inspire and support undergraduate and graduate teaching, learning and research through hands on “experiential” learning opportunities with our array of other marine facilities:

  • The R/V Coral Sea: our 90', 143-ton research vessel, dedicated to open water undergraduate education and research;
  • A diverse fleet of small boats, ranging from kayaks, Boston Whalers and a pontoon boat work platform, designed to facilitate access to a wide range of habitats;
  • Our Scientific Diving Program, which annually trains hundreds of students to conduct underwater research, including a minor degree in Scientific Diving;

The Telonicher Marine Lab’s 16200 square foot facility includes two large classrooms, experimental wet lab, and other supporting facilities. The lab is equipped with a 40,000-gallon state-of-the-art seawater system for sustaining marine life found just a short walk down the hill to sandy beaches, rocky intertidal zones, and subtidal kelp beds. The large open wet lab area houses numerous experimental sea tables where students and faculty engage in marine science research.

Humboldt marine facilities are dedicated to supporting faculty and student engagement and research in marine science, generating new knowledge to inform resource management and policy while providing students with real-world learning experiences. The lab and it’s supporting facilities provide a unique and inspiring setting to experience the marine environment.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the fantastic opportunities available to marine science students at Cal Poly Humboldt

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Dr. Rick Zechman, Director
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