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ACADEMIC SUPPORT FACILITY: The Telonicher Marine Lab is an academic support facility for Cal Poly Humboldt students, faculty and staff. Students are often first introduced to the marine lab by taking one of the several marine science courses taught at the lab. These courses often include team driven research projects performed in the field or in the wet lab. Some students also work as paid technicians helping to maintain the facilities and care for the large diversity of marine organisms housed at the laboratory for teaching, research and public exhibits. 

STUDENT RESEARCH: One of the primary missions of the marine lab are to provide research infrastructure and opportunities in the marine sciences. Students engaged in research often do so either as part of a course or independent study in an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Other students also find opportunities assisting in grant-funded faculty research. 

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DOING RESEARCH: If you want to utilize the marine lab for research you need to contact your academic advisor or a lab-affiliated faculty member to find out about opportunities. Once a faculty sponsor is identified, you need to complete a project request form found on the Forms page.

RESEARCH SUPPLIES: The lab has basic supplies available for student research, but students may want to seek additional funding to support a longer term or graduate-level research project. 

FUNDING: A number of internal funding sources, such as the COAST student research awards and the Hillenberg Award are also available to support student research.

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VISITING THE LAB: The general public may access the lab to view our array of public aquaria depicting local habitats and organisms during normal business hours.

GUIDED TOURS: Tours and educational programing for school groups and access to our “touch tanks” are also available through our Marine Naturalist program

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